I was looking for an outlet for my grief after losing our daughter, Stephanie, and started spray painting rocks with inspirational messages. While painting one day, I asked myself how I could give the rocks away to inspire others and use them to raise money for domestic violence and suicide awareness.

We organized our first event at our home called Rock and Wine! People paid to come and decorate rocks that they would leave behind. After that, we held a summer BBQ event where all those rocks and more were given away to our community.

Would you like to help us spread hope and healing by purchasing and distributing Stephanie’s Hope Rocks? Please contact us at stephanieshope35@gmail.com!

People started asking if we had more rocks that they could take them with them on their vacations. So far, we know they’ve heard stories of Stephanie’s Hope Rocks travelling to many other states and also to London, Ireland and Japan.

Our goal is to make someone’s day or save a life by leaving leaving these rocks everywhere we can to help spread messages of hope (and a link to our website) to those who might need them.